Lets be clear here – if the lenders and networks actually wanted to stop the criminal activity taking place they could wipe out 95%+ overnight with a few simple steps. Here is how it could be done: Refuse To Give Affiliates An Account Without a CCL This point has been a complete farce so far […]

I have received this email tonight from the Armenian crime boss David Gasparian: Simon, Upon reading your most recent publications on wordpress.com from November 22nd and 23rd, I am certain your intent in publishing frequent articles on wordpress is to publicize some of your very groundless and improper accusations against us in order to impair […]

T3 Leads and their hackers have hit new lows this week with an attack on Camp Summit TX. Some Info On Camp Summit TX Camp Summit is a residential or “sleep away” camp for children and adults with disabilities. With weeklong camp sessions, weekend sessions and respite days, campers are offered a wide variety of […]

The criminal conduct by T3 Leads and their affiliates continue today with a hat trick of hacked sites. Strike 1 The first site is Gradfunding.co.uk.  If you visit the site normally (example link) then the site loads as it should: But if you search Google for “payday loans” then you will see the site loads […]

Up until today I have concentrated on the criminal activity of affiliate networks, which meant regularly writing about Armenian crime gang T3 Leads. The problems in the payday loans industry unfortunately goes deeper than this, and thats what I want to explain with this blog post. Lenders Endorse T3 Leads Criminal Behaviour PaydayUK.co.uk have a […]

Despite being informed via our blog about over 100 sites fraudulently using a CCL that had been issued to D&D Marketing (A T3 Leads company), nothing has been done about it days later. Todays blog post exposes and even deeper problem at criminal network T3Leads. This should surprise nobody as they have been caught out […]

T3 Leads were exposed in the Independent newspaper this week for fraudulent use of a CCL. All of the sites below list the CCL number 0641556. This CCL is owned by D&D Marketing, a T3 Leads company. instantpaydayloans50.co.uk bad-credit-ok.co.uk bad-credit-payday-loan.co.uk bad-credit-payday-loan.org.uk bad-credit-poh.co.uk badcreditcashadvanceloans.co.uk badcreditloans1.co.uk badcreditloansapproved.co.uk badcreditloansok24h.co.uk bestloansnow24h.co.uk bestpaydayloansnow.co.uk bestshorttermloansnow.co.uk blizzardloans.co.uk blueskypayday.org.uk bridgepaydayloan.co.uk britainloans.co.uk cashloans180.co.uk cashloansok.co.uk […]