T3 Leads Continue To Buy Leads From Hacked Sites

After the recent scandal where T3 Leads got exposed in a national newspaper for being involved in hacking websites, they were forced into removing some of the sites from their system (even although they had been buying leads from them for months till publicly outed).

T3 are now yet again involved in buying leads from hacked websites today. Inspiredbuddy.com is the latest hacked & redirected site:

And when we take a look at the Google Cached version of InspiredBuddy.com we see this:

Todays hacked site redirects to wolfdaycred.co.uk, which redirects also, to holidaypayday.co.uk/?cid=22581.

Click to enlarge

I would assume this extra redirect is just to try and hide the source of the traffic, and the fact that it comes from the usual criminal antics associated with these T3 affiliates.

Holidaypayday.co.uk is also breaking the law due to not have a Consumer Credit License… they are fraudulently listing Consumer Credit License: 0641556 D and D Marketing Inc | 145-157 St John Street, Suite 19550, London, EC1V 4PW on their site.  This license does belong to D and D Marketing but HolidayPayday.co.uk is not listed as being able to use it – you can check this for yourself here.


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