The Fast Dad, The Armenian Criminals and The Toothless OFT

The Fast Dad

The antics of the criminal network T3 Leads continues this week. has flown from zero to hero in only 7 days since the domain was registered.

The Rise of

At first glance it looks pretty impressive to take a site from not being registered at all, to 1st place in Google for one of the most valuable search phrases, in only 7 days. Lets take a look at how they achieved this,  and how they are breaking the law.

Hidden Backlinks

In less than a week, has managed to pick up more than 100 backlinks from the homepage of trusted websites. All of these links are hidden, and the owners do not know they are there.  For example, take a look at these websites:

That is just a small selection… at last count there was over 100 just like it.  If you look at the source code of them all you will see this:

I have spoken to several of the websites concerned and none of them agreed to this Google guideline breaking back link being inserted into their website.  This forum page points to the links having being inserted via a Joomla plugin hack.

The Armenian Criminals

From here on its just the same sorry old story.  The Armenian crime group T3Leads, led by David Gasparian,  illegally process leads acquired from the website, which has no Consumer Credit License.  They sell them on to lenders such as Wonga, QuickQuid and PaydayUK, who are all aware they have been acquired via criminal means, but they accept them anyway.

The Toothless OFT

Gasparian has been caught out multiple times in the past being involved in hacked websites. This has been going on for months.  Why are the OFT allowing this foreign criminal organisation to continue to operate in the UK?


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