Fraudulent Use Of A Consumer Credit License By T3 Leads

T3 Leads were exposed in the Independent newspaper this week for fraudulent use of a CCL.

All of the sites below list the CCL number 0641556. This CCL is owned by D&D Marketing, a T3 Leads company.

This is illegal – these sites should all have their own license. T3 Leads know this and refuse to comply with the law, and the lenders know this but continue to buy these criminally sourced leads.

T3 Leads Continue Their Criminal Behaviour

According to the T3 Leads twitter account, they close down non compliant sites when they are brought to their attention.

This is a lie…. what they mean is they only close down a small number of sites when exposed in a national newspaper. I have posted multiple offending T3 affiliate sites on this blog yet T3 Leads have done nothing to take them down. This site was exposed as being involved in criminal acts yet it still has the T3Leads payday loan form active.

What Are T3 Going To Do About These Criminal Sites?

According to T3 Leads own Twitter account above, their policy is to take down offending sites as soon as they are brought to their attention.

Pages on this blog have been accessed 150 times by people in the D&D Marketing office so they are well aware of what is going on.

Will T3 Leads now take down these criminal sites, as per their own policy (and as per the laws of the civilised countries that the criminal Armenians want to operate in)?

Lenders, when are you going to stop buying criminally processed leads?

OFT, when are you going to stamp out this criminal behaviour by networks and lenders?


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