Payday Lenders: You’re Next

Up until today I have concentrated on the criminal activity of affiliate networks, which meant regularly writing about Armenian crime gang T3 Leads. The problems in the payday loans industry unfortunately goes deeper than this, and thats what I want to explain with this blog post.

Lenders Endorse T3 Leads Criminal Behaviour have a large in house team, and have ranked page 1 for ‘payday loans’ for months at a time. There have been extended periods of time where the only sites outranking them, are T3 Leads controlled hacked sites. To take one random example of this, look at this ranking:

Click to enlarge

This image was taken from this blog post in August. So Payday UK are in 3rd place, are outranked by two T3 Leads criminal sites, yet keep buying the traffic anyway. How can they possibly argue what they are doing isn’t blatantly criminal? Every other payday lender was buying traffic from them too but if you ask them about it they will deny knowing the source of the traffic. Payday UK lose this deniability with their own site being out ranked solely by the criminal ones.

Burying Your Head In The Sand Approach

The payday lenders buying the criminally sourced leads have buried their heads in the sand for too long. It is unrealistic for any payday lender to expect the public to believe that they don’t know where these customers have been coming from.

We need to remove the ability of payday lenders to deny knowledge of where their traffic comes from. If they want to willingly buy criminally sourced payday leads then they will be held accountable for this and should lose their own CCL, which would put them out of business altogether. This issue can be dealt with in two different ways:

Solution Number 1 – Short Term

In the short term every payday lender who buys leads needs to be contacted and given lists of criminal affiliate sites that pass leads to them. This now removes their ‘I did not know‘ defence and gives them two clear options – either break the law and buy the leads regardless, or remove the sites from their system.

Solution Number 2 – Long Term

The lenders need to either stop dealing with the criminal networks outright, or they need to put controls in place to make them comply with the law. I am not sure if we can rely on the lenders to police the networks crimes when they are all committing crimes themselves though…

Who Can We Contact?

Here is a list of the main players in the ‘criminal leads for cash’ illegal activities. –

Payday UK (MEM) –

Payday Express (MEM) –

Quick Quid (Enova Financial) –

Lending Stream – –

Mr. Lender – No email address, phone number : 0208-502-1288, email form:

Cash Genie –

Uncle Buck –

Tooth Fairy –

What Should We Send Them?

If we contact every lender every time we find illegal sites then they will be forced to clean up the industry. If everyone does nothing then the ‘head in the sand’ approach from the companies above will continue.

I have contacted every lender above and sent them details of the sites from recent posts. If anyone from above would like to make a public comment they can reply to my email and I will update this post with what they have to say. I expect the silence to be deafening though.


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  1. Time For Change · · Reply

    This is a great article and really defines the industry well. As someone who has been in the industry for many years now, I am pleased to see someone finally taking a stand against the criminal activity. So many of these affiliates buy there way to good reputations and are able to sweep things under the rug at the drop of $$$ .

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