Several More T3Leads Hacked Sites Exposed

The criminal conduct by T3 Leads and their affiliates continue today with a hat trick of hacked sites.

Strike 1

The first site is  If you visit the site normally (example link) then the site loads as it should:

Click To Enlarge

But if you search Google for “payday loans” then you will see the site loads as a payday loan affiliate site:

If you click that link you will be taken to  – a T3 Leads site using the affiliate ID 39697.

Click To Enlarge

Strike 2

The second site is – again if you visit it normally, the site loads like it should.

Click To Enlarge

If you search for “payday loans” in Google then look for the result for this domain, you see something completely different:

Clicking on this result takes you to, the exact same site and affiliate ID as above.

Strike 3

The third site is  Its the same scam here… view the site normally and you see this:

Click To Enlarge

If you find this one in the “payday loans” search results you see this:

If you click that result you are redirected to  Another T3 Leads website, but with the exact same affiliate ID as the two crimes above.

So Whats New Simon?

I’m glad you asked.  The answer is “not much”.  Just the same old criminal affiliates, passing leads through the same old criminal network, being bought by the same old criminal payday lenders.


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