T3Leads Hacker Hits New Lows – Attacks Disabled Help Site

T3 Leads and their hackers have hit new lows this week with an attack on Camp Summit TX.

Some Info On Camp Summit TX

Camp Summit is a residential or “sleep away” camp for children and adults with disabilities. With weeklong camp sessions, weekend sessions and respite days, campers are offered a wide variety of traditional camp activities in our barrier-free environment.

There are no other camps in our region and only a handful of camps in the United States that offer a camping program comparable to Camp Summit. We are unique because:

  • We accept campers without regard to the severity of their disability – intellectual and/or physical;
  • Our program provides a unique longevity because we have no upper age limit for adult campers;
  • Campers register directly with Camp Summit;
  • We offer a two-to-one ratio of campers to counselors, with special one-to-one assistance when needed;
  • We provide on-site medical personnel, including Registered Nurses and a Physician on-call to ensure the safety and well being of our campers; and
  • Financial assistance is available through a sliding scale fee structure and camp scholarship program.

If you click on the Camp Summit website from a regular link, the site loads as it should:

Click To Enlarge

Same Crimes, Different Day

Yet if you search for the website name in Google you see this:

If you click through from this link you land on the website catdaycred.co.uk:

Click To Enlarge

which is Catdaycred.co.uk is a carbon copy of a previous T3 Leads hack, paydayaunt.co.uk.  Well actually it was a carbon copy of PaydayDad.co.uk, which was a carbon copy of Paydayaunt.co.uk.  Its hard to keep up with all of the T3 Leads network crimes.

Potential Repercussions For Camp Summit TX

This is why this crime is particularly repulsive.   It is against Google’s own rules to cloak content like the the hacker is doing here.  So Eventually when Google realise what is happening they will remove the site from the Google index and the hacker moves onto his next victim.

But Camp Summit TX cannot move on here – they stay penalised.   Go visit their website and look at all the great work these guys are doing.    T3 Leads and their hackers are now directly causing problems for these disabled people, their families and their carers. 


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  1. That is awful, can they sink any lower?

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