T3 Legal Action from David Gasparian

I have received this email tonight from the Armenian crime boss David Gasparian:


Upon reading your most recent publications on wordpress.com from November 22nd and 23rd, I am certain your intent in publishing frequent articles on wordpress is to publicize some of your very groundless and improper accusations against us in order to impair our professional reputation.  We have repeatedly made clear to you that your unlawful accusations against myself individually, as well as T3, are legally actionable.

One established fact to date is that you, “Simon Adebisi” have yet to identify yourself. Moreover, several weeks ago, we provided you with 24 hours to provide us with a complete and accurate substantiation of your accusations against us, before beginning legal proceedings against you for your regularly issued statements about our “awareness of criminal behavior”. Nothing has been received yet.

In view of the importance you place on enlightening the public about alleged “fraudulent” or “suspicious” behavior, it would be most sensible to begin by establishing your true identity and the bases for your accusations against us.

I’m not going to outline all my evidence against Gasparian at this point – all that achieves is it gives him a chance to cover up the crimes I know about, while continuing with the crimes I haven’t uncovered yet.

I think anyone reading the blog will see proof enough – Gasparian himself admits reading my blog, so why do dozens (or hundreds?) of the criminal sites I have exposed still use a t3leads form right this minute?  That tells you everything you need to know as far as his criminal conduct goes.  He is just choosing not to comply with the law at all, so my claims that he is a criminal are true.

You Can’t Have Your Cake And Eat It

If you’re not a criminal then you should be cleaning up criminal sites as they are brought to your attention.  If you don’t want to do this, then you can’t cry that I call you a criminal, you dirty Armenian crook.


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