This complaint has been submitted by T3 Leads to WordPress in an attempt to try and keep the general public in the dark over their crimes: Here is our trademark. We believe that blog owner is mentally sick and their goal is to attack our company with any means possible. If you can track […]

The Fast Dad The antics of the criminal network T3 Leads continues this week. ¬† has flown from zero to hero in only 7 days since the domain was registered. The Rise of At first glance it looks pretty impressive to take a site from not being registered at all, to 1st place in […]

I had intended to write about something completely different for my next post, but a comment on This Guardian article said: If you’re bored, try checking how many of these companies claim to hold trade body membership – e.g. Payday Ninja have the Finance & Leasing Association logo at the bottom of their site but […]

After the recent scandal where T3 Leads got exposed in a national newspaper for being involved in hacking websites, they were forced into removing some of the sites from their system (even although they had been buying leads from them for months till publicly outed). T3 are now yet again involved in buying leads from […]

After The Mirror outed T3 Leads for being involved in hacking sites, some of the hackers have found themselves with nowhere to currently sell their leads to, but the sites still rank. If you search for payday loans in Google UK (link direct to Google results) and then click on this result: You will be […]